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"I will recommend you guys far and wide."

B. Vogel, President, Supreme Brands

"The testing, professional documentation, and quick response was immensely appreciated by all. I look forward to doing business in the future..."

Gary S., Electrical Products Engineer
Stanley Works - Assembly Technologies

"We've used [360] on 2 separate occasions at different stages of a product lifecycle-if you need concrete 'human-product interface' feedback to confirm product packaging, assembly and instruction sets-[360] does an excellent and thorough job testing & proving out the good, bad & ugly"

ClosetMaid Corp.

"Great work... I am impressed."

Salim K., Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.
A Johnson & Johnson Company

"I just had a chance to read through your report, and I am very happy with the level of detail and clarity. Excellent work, indeed."

Carnegie Hall

"This is really excellent. Thank you, and please thank your Team for me."

Northrop Grumman / U.S. Navy


Ann H., Sr. Vice President
Hyatt Corp.

"I have been in this technology industry for over 20 years. I have had the good fortune of partnering with HP and IBM for the past 10 years. However, in working with you and your staff, your company far exceeds anybody I have ever worked with."

Ed M., CEO
LifeWorks Technology Group


Air/Fuel Ratio Controllers       (links to client's site)

Corrosion Prevention              (0.9 MB)

Floor Cleaning                         (1.2 MB)

Odor Elimination                      (0.5 MB)

Razor Storage Device             (links to Baltimore Sun article)

Sanitization Efficacy:
  Deliverable  or   Video             ( 3:47 mins.)

UV Cured Plastic Bonding       (4.2 MB)

Claims Testing Video Examples

Consumer Technology

Battery Operation Troubleshooting       (2.7 MB)

Hair Dryers:
  Deliverable  or   Video       (1.0 MB / 1:58 mins.)

Software Interface Excerpt                   (1.0 MB)

Tablet Comparative Claims                  (2.5 MB)

USB Hub with Ethernet                        (1.1 MB)

Wet Smartphone Recovery            ( 1:14 mins.)

Battery Life Testing Video Examples


Deep Sea Enclosure                           (0.5 MB)

Laundry Treatment                            (10.6 MB)

LED Lights                                          (8.2 MB)

Pet Ultrasonic Device                         (2.2 MB)

Phone Display Perf. & Durability   (1:55 mins.)

Receipt Printer Perf. & Durability   (1:26 mins.)

Solar Charging Device                       (8.2 MB)

Performance / Efficacy Testing Video Examples


Absorption Comparisons     (0.8 MB)

Appliances                           (14.8 MB)

Bedding                                (2.4 MB)

Calling Cards                        (4.7 MB)

Cleaners, Removers, & Sanitizers:
  Deliverable Excerpts  or   Video (9.0 MB / 4:46 mins.)

Commercial Battery Packs   (1.5 MB)

Degreasers                              (2.5 MB)

Device Benchmarking           (0.3 MB)

Electric Motors                      (2.3 MB)

Fluorescent Ballasts              (0.6 MB)

Comparison / Benchmarking Video Examples


Display Wall System                    (0.7 MB)

Durability Testing                         (1:01 mins.)

Lock Performance                        (0.7 MB)

Racquet Dampening                    (3.4 MB)

Restaurant Portioning Device      (1.2 MB)

Sports Equipment:
  Deliverable  or   Video                  (1.5 MB  /  1:24 mins.)

Tire Traction Device                       (links to client's site)


Imaging Device:
  Excerpt  or   Case Study

Storage Solution      (0.5 MB)

Product / User Trials

Beauty Products                                   (1:58 mins.)

Health Device:
  Deliverable  or   Video          (2.8 MB / 13:28 mins.)

Participant Reporting Tools:

CLT - iHut - Product Trials Video Examples

360 on Anderson Cooper Show

360° Product Testing on Anderson Cooper

Hygiene Deliverable                         (1.3MB)

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