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"I will recommend you guys far and wide."

B. Vogel, President, Supreme Brands

"The testing, professional documentation, and quick response was immensely appreciated by all. I look forward to doing business in the future..."

Gary S., Electrical Products Engineer
Stanley Works - Assembly Technologies

"We've used [360] on 2 separate occasions at different stages of a product lifecycle-if you need concrete 'human-product interface' feedback to confirm product packaging, assembly and instruction sets-[360] does an excellent and thorough job testing & proving out the good, bad & ugly"

ClosetMaid Corp.

"Great work... I am impressed."

Salim K., Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.
A Johnson & Johnson Company

"I just had a chance to read through your report, and I am very happy with the level of detail and clarity. Excellent work, indeed."

Carnegie Hall

"This is really excellent. Thank you, and please thank your Team for me."

Northrop Grumman / U.S. Navy

"I have been in this technology industry for over 20 years. I have had the good fortune of partnering with HP and IBM for the past 10 years. However, in working with you and your staff, your company far exceeds anybody I have ever worked with."

Ed M., CEO
LifeWorks Technology Group


Claim Testing Video Presentation (Video 3:09 mins.)

Air/Fuel Ratio Controllers        (links to client's site)

Floor Cleaning                              (1.2 MB)

Odor Elimination                          (0.5 MB)

Razor Storage Device             (links to client's site)

Sports Equipment:
Deliverable  /  Video               (1.5 MB  /  0:50 mins.)

Tire Traction Device                      (links to client's site)

UV Cured Plastic Adhesive          (4.2 MB)

Consumer Technology

Battery Life                             (2.6 MB)

eReader Comparative Claims    (2.5 MB)

Software Interface Excerpt       (1.0 MB)

USB Hub with Ethernet            (1.1 MB)


Efficacy & Performance Testing    (Video 3:15 mins.)

Deep Sea Enclosure                     (0.5 MB)

Laundry Treatment                      (10.6 MB)

Lock Performance                        (0.7 MB)

Pet Ultrasonic Device                   (2.2 MB)

Restaurant Portioning Device        (1.2 MB)


Comparison Video Presentation (Video 3:10 mins.)

Absorption Comparisons         (0.8 MB)

Appliances                           (14.8 MB)

Bedding                                (2.4 MB)

Calling Cards                        (4.7 MB)

Cleaners                               (9.7 MB)

Commercial Battery Packs     (1.5 MB)

Degreasers                                    (2.5 MB)

Device Benchmarking             (0.3 MB)

Electric Motors                      (2.3 MB)

Fluorescent Ballasts              (0.6 MB)


Imaging Device - Excerpt / Case Study

Storage Solution      (0.5 MB)

Product / User Trials

Product Trial Video Presentation    (Video 4:48 mins.)

Health & Beauty         (2.8 MB)

Participant Reporting:
Tools... Cleaner / Office Eq.

As featured on the Anderson Cooper Show

Deliverable  /  Video          (1.3MB  /  8:00 mins.)

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